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before take-off




before take-off


here are good answers to some of the tougher questions asked in job interviews. if you can smoothly supply answers like these during the interview, you are bound to make a good impression.

2、基础原则:英语中最基础的部分也是应用最广泛最频繁的部分,据统计,基本的500词就占词汇用量的82.05%,3500 词占98.30%,5500词汇占 99.33% 6000词汇占 99.46%。从以上数据可以看出,越基本的词汇使用频率越高,六千词后的所占的比列越来越低,这也是为什么许多人初期学英语感觉进步快,后期则感觉不出有太大进步的一个原因。同时基本的语法也是我们在日常交流中使用最频繁的部分,因此熟练地掌握这些基本的英语词汇和基本的英语语法是学习英语的出发点。
4、量变引起质变:量变引起质变。这条物理定律应用到语言学习上再合适也不过了。可以这样说,没有上千小时的听英语的经历,没有读过三五十本英文的原版小说,你的英语是永远也不会进入自由王国的。你的英文能不能成功和进步,关键在于你的听说读写的分量够不够,听说读写的分量累积的够,半年一年两年下来,你的英文就是不同凡响。如果分量不够的话,那五年十年下来,你的英文还是一直怨叹我的生字,文法,语音… 。目前国内英语教育重精读、精听而轻泛读、泛听,不注重英语听读的量,这是导致大部分学生英语学习十年后,依然不能进行有效交流的根本原因。
1, skilled principle: it is a the most essential principles, we think you will understand the language, we have not had to learn, but can freely exchange, by is constantly listening to others and imitating natural access to a skill, this technology has deeply rooted in our brains, become our nature, so we don‘t need too much for language learning, there is no need to go to can understand, no analysis can understand the difficult sentences, because language is a habit, can listen to understand, can be free to play, free. in learning a foreign language is also so, need to put the new words, phrases and sentences the familiar and skilled, make it a habit, had become our second nature, so you can be relatively free master a foreign language. therefore, skilled skilled and skilled to master a foreign language is the only proper course to take.
2 basic principles: in english, the most basic part is the most widely used most frequently in the part, according to statistics, basic 500 word vocabulary amount accounted for 82.05%, 3500 98.30%, 5500 99.33% 6000 99.46% vocabulary vocabulary. can be seen from the above data, the basic vocabulary of high frequency of use, six thousand words after the ratio is lower and lower, which is why many early english feel progress quickly, the latter feel not too much progress as a reason. at the same time the basic grammar is also in our daily communication in the use of the most frequent part, so skillfully master the basic english vocabulary and basic grammar is the starting point of learning english.
3, combining intensive and extensive: intensive reading is mainly to solve the problem and improve the entry phase, and the effect is outstanding, but by the late stage of english learning, a reading will often run counter to one’s desire and unrewarding. as the basic principle of say, five thousand or six thousand words after the ratio is lower and lower, which is why many early english feel progress quickly, the latter feel not too much progress as a reason. the solution is to increase the strength of listening reading, for as soon as possible to break the bottleneck. on the other hand, think about our mother tongue you will understand, we read too many novels newspapers, watching a lot of movies and television, now able to handle very skillfully to reach the native state. native like this, foreign. imagine our most people from childhood to the university for more than ten years english, in fact most people just be reduced to fragments were learned some things, but really can bring them together we did not learn. because only a limited number of textbooks on the article is never likely to see a picture of the language, will not be the language elements familiar to the can easily relate to, not to mention the language application.
4, from quantitative change to qualitative change: from quantitative change to qualitative change. the laws of physics are applied to language learning but also the appropriate. it can be said, not thousands of hours of listening experience, not read 349 the english original fiction, your english will never enter the realm of freedom. your english will be successful and progress, the key is you hear read write component is enough, i heard that reading and writing component accumulates enough, half a year down two years, your english is to be not of the common sort. if the component is not enough, then five years ten years down, your english still complain of my vocabulary, grammar, phonetics. at present the domestic english education in intensive reading, listening and light weight reading, listening, do not pay attention to english reading and listening volume, which is the result of the majority of students learning english ten years later, still cannot communicate effectively root cause.
application: 5, the supremacy of the purpose of language learning is to use the language, through the use of it can be improved. language learning is not put him back to live in the real environment, you are not to experience the fun of learning a foreign language. do not use language means that will eventually be forgotten. to avoid back to forget, forget the back of this embarrassing situation is the best way to continue using your words, phrases and sentences. through a large number of see you like english movies and tv plays, english novels, newspapers and magazines, your vocabulary and english level will be improved imperceptibly. namely, avoid simple learning language brought about the dullness, and can make the english level is able to rise, what is there against it?racc国际空乘